Estimats are always free!

We also offer a value based fee for consultation.

All Trade Handyman Service offers phone and in person home improvement and repair consultations. Our company provides expert advice professionally...

Using our service can save you time and money!! In home consulting starts at $75.00 / hr (1 hour minimum), and $30 / hr in 30 minute increments thereafter. Phone consultations starts at $25 / hr (30 minute minimum).

The decision of whether or not to use a remodeling and repair consultant is one that comes with pros and cons depending on your own expertise and confidence for planning and executing a home improvement. After all, consulting is one of those businesses that is oriented toward needing a particular service and when it comes to deciding whether or not to hire a consultant for your home improvement or project, it often comes down to a simple question:

"Do you need the services and expertise of an outside professional?"

What We Can Do For You

We have the expertise to guide you in the right direction. Getting unbiased advise about the feasibility of your project. Return on your investment that you can expect is most important.

Our Job is to see what your planning and then give you our professional opinion and make recommendations.

Our Consulting Services

- In home consulting service cost: $75.00 (1 hour minimum)

 - After the first hour: $30.00 (30 minute increments)

 - Phone consulting: $25.00 (minimum 30 minutes)

  We also offer discounted prices on materials. 


Selling Your Home?

Selling Your Home.... We can help you maximize your asking price...Think exterior:

  1. Safer Doors
  2. Better Windows
  3. Easy-care Siding.

Data from the latest remodeling reports shows that these types of projects can recoup more than 80% of the investment.

How to Increase Home Value

  1. Add Beauty - Make your Home more Attractive
  2. Add More Space - More Space = More Money
  3. Add Energy Efficiency
  4. Add Updated Systems and Appliances
  5. Add Technology

There are many ways to attract a buyer that can be inexpensive. Our motto is spend less and get more!